Working with the Kernel Source

↑ Obtaining the latest sources of the kernel  #

You need to have the Git SCM tool installed on your PC. Using debian or Ubuntu the package is called 'git-core'.
# git clone git://git.labs.kernelconcepts.de/topas.git linux-tmpa 

This will create a directory linux-tmpa which contains the lates sources of the Linux kernel for TMPA9xx platforms. The operation takes quite some time. If you have some random other Linux GIT tree available on your PC you can speed up check out dramatically by passing it as a separate parameter to the command like this: --reference /patch/to/your/kernel/directory

↑ Updating the sources  #

Fetch the latest sources like this:

# git pull

↑ Compiling  #

1. Set up the environment

# . /opt/mucross/arm/environment-setup

(note the dot in front of the command which is important)

2. Import the default configuration shipped with the sources.

# make ARCH=arm topas910_defconfig

This example is for the TOPAS910 board. For the TOPASA900 use topasa900_defconfig and for the Tonga 2 tonga_defconfig accordingly. After this you can use the command 'make ARCH=arm menuconfig' to alter the configuration to your needs.

3. Compile the kernel

# make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-mucross-linux-gnueabi- uImage

You do not have to set ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE in every command line, exporting these is fine as well.

The resulting kernel image uImage located under arch/arm/boot needs to be installed on the board using the U-Boot bootloader (see here).