To operate a hardware with Linux three major components are needed:

  1. Bootloader - for the TX09 platform "U-Boot"
  2. Linux Kernel - the Linux kernel itself containing the most important hardware drivers
  3. A so called "root-filesystem" - comparable to the content of a PC's harddisk

↑ Binary Demos  #

Here you can find read-made root-filesystem images that can be programmed directly into the flash memory of the board. Those demos can usually be used on a variety of boards with no change.

↑ Open Source  #

Open Source is not only about using free software for your own good but also to make changes available again to the public. For those interested this section contains all source code that was modified for the TX09 platform.

↑ Examples  #

A small collection of short example solutions to common problems - in sourcecode and binary (this will grow over time).